About Us

Chambers Management, Inc. is an active member of the Community Associations Institute (CAI). CAI is a national nonprofit organization with a focus on educating and assisting community associations by giving managers, board members, and homeowners the knowledge they need to successfully run their communities.

  • Collect assessments, maintain homeowner accounts and mail out late notices
  • Process vendor invoices
  • Administer Replacement Reserve and Operating bank accounts
  • Work with Association to prepare Budget
  • Assist Association’s accountant in preparation of yearly Taxes and Audits
  • Supply Board with financial reports (e.g., Monthly Management Reports)
  • Manage correspondence between homeowners, Board members, contractors and County officials
A happy family walking in one of our managed communities in maryland.
  • Provide vendor and contractor referrals to Board of Directors
  • Generate proposals and secure contracts for Association
  • Oversee contracts and major projects and make sure work is performed accordingly
  • Perform inspections of property to ensure Covenant compliance and to maintan an attractive Community
  • Ensure cited violations are corrected
  • Process Architectural Change Requests
  • Attend Annual and regular Board meetings
  • Distribute mailings to the Community
  • Prepare Resale Certificates and Documents
  • Assist in the design and implementation of new policies for the Community
  • Work with developers during buildout phase to facilitate a smooth transition from a Developer Board to a Homeowner Board of Directors
  • Provide superior customer service and quality management service based on our knowledge and experience in the industry
  • Are directly available to homeowners and work closely with Board members to ensure informed decisions and responsive actions
Skyview of a Property Managed Community in Maryland